Free eBook on digital strategies for your therapy business

Our world is in the middle of the digital transformation, which is why we created an ebook for any therapist that wants to adapt and gain new clients through digital strategies

eBook introduction

To become a successful therapist all you had to do was prove that you can solve as many health-related problems as possible and you were surrounded by enough clients. But today, there is a bit of a different story.

Because a therapist occupation is quite a desirable job, competition is growing each year. On top of that, people’s expectation has shifted towards finding solutions online.

There are many therapists that don’t pay attention to this shift yet. We do not want to see any skillful therapist suffer losses, because they did not adapt to these times.

There are many ways to use the digital world to your advantage and avoid a dreadful future. Imagine what kind of results would you get, if people would see your therapy business the way you see it? 

This ebook provides step by step instructions on setting up different digital strategies that you can utilize to prepare for the future. To get a better picture of what’s inside, check out the table of contents.

What does the eBook cover?

What can you learn:

  • How to set up Google My Business
  • Facebook basics
  • Instagram basics
  • Website development basics
  • How to advertise your business
  • Best SEO practices
  • How to make content for your clients
  • How to utilise email marketing
  • How to use and set up Google Analytics
Lets talk about it

We understand how frustrating it is to manage every aspect of your business by yourself.