5 Ways People Gain Trust in Therapy Service

Trust between two persons

September 23, 2020

Trust is a hard thing to achieve, and even harder to keep.

We can all relate to this from our experiences through life. If you’re like me you respect and want to have people you can trust beside you. I think most people are like that, which just tells us how big of a factor trust is in every aspect of our lives, business is no exception.

Trust is regarded as the biggest factor of success for any kind of business. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When people are able to trust in something, either product, service, or in the business alone, they feel more comfortable about their decisions. 

This is especially important for the therapy service businesses, as the biggest way to acquire new customers is by referrals of your satisfied customers. When you do a good job and your customer is satisfied with what he got from you, he gains a lot of trust in you and your service. Because he trusts you, he is then able to represent you with full pride.

And the last benefit that I feel, I have to highlight is: when you gain trust from people, the results from your therapy services will be a lot more effective. You probably already know how powerful is the mind of your patients. By their belief alone, they increase their chances to solve their problem. That just tells us how powerful is trust in therapy service.

But gaining trust is a long process, how can we get trust from other people if they don’t even know us?

This is a solid question, so let’s dive into this, I will highlight 5 authentic ways that increase people’s trust in you before they meet you.

1. Create a digital identity

That will represent you and your service as best as possible

Either create a website or use various social media platforms that will be the most useful to you and your audience. The best-case scenario is to use both tools, but for you, it might be more efficient to just use Facebook or Instagram if your time is very limited. A website can be the core of your digital identity, where you show visitors about who you are, what you do, why you do it, etc. Besides a website, you use appropriate social media platforms, where you engage and connect with your audience. 

Show people your story and personality through a website, and further develop relationships with the people that seek your expertise and advice.

2. Be Authentic and transparent

On your digital platforms

Of course, we don’t mean only on your digital platforms, it’s just more likely people will see you on the internet first. What does authenticity represent to the people? That’s right, it represents trust. When you are consistent in being authentic and transparent, people will have no reason to not believe in your work and your words.

This one might be the most challenging way to gain trust, but it is also the most effective and satisfying. Being who you are, without any ulterior motives, is the goal to a lot of people, and we are being drawn to people that master it. If you manage to get this base down, you’re set on the road to trustworthiness.

3. Create valuable content

That will provide value to the people

Through content, you give a lot of information about yourself and the topic you represent to the people. If you manage to hit some of their needs with your creation, it will automatically position you as an expert in their eyes. This creates nothing else but trust between you and the audience.

There are a lot more benefits that you get out of making valuable content than just trust. Some of the benefits of content creations are:

  • It attracts more people to get to know you.
  • You can help and reach a lot more people than in person.
  • You provide more value to your existing customers.
  • The content you create stays with you forever.

If you want more information on the content creation made for therapists, click here.

4. Customers testimonials and reviews

Show it on your website

This one is pretty straightforward if we are going to spend money on something, we want to know other people’s experiences to get the best bang for the buck. The more of these you have the safer people will feel about you. In our heads it usually goes like this: “huh, 100 people said they got what they wanted, good enough for me!”, well at least this is what my brain thinks in these situations.

We do have to be cautious tough, bad reviews will do just the opposite. Reviews have to be paired with great results and good customer experience from your service. This is one of the greatest challenges, as there are so many different people you encounter it is unfortunately impossible to help every single one of them. But in the end, if you’re always looking out after your patients and wish them the best, you have nothing to worry about.

5. Display your attained expertise licenses

And explain their benefit

People gain trust in your services if they know that you as an expert dedicated your life to studying principles and techniques that restore people’s health. Your attained licenses are the fastest way to show people proof of your dedication.

I know licenses and diplomas might not tell much about you, but try to look at it from people’s perceptions. If they do not know you, they will search for your achievements and decide if you are competent enough to fix their problems.

Final conclusion

Yes, trust is definitely a valuable thing. There are many ways to achieve it, but be careful that you do it in an authentic way, otherwise, it won’t last long. Us humans constantly look for proof in everything we do. When we find it, we stick to it like glue. 

Work on this, and become a hero in people’s eyes. It will benefit you and your patients, as more trust equals to better therapy results, plus people will trust your judgment and knowledge. You will never run out of the work and opportunities if you’re good at it.

What is your opinion on trust in therapy, are you where you want to be, and how are you working on it?

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