How to add people to Facebook Business Manager

May 21, 2021

Before you begin:

Adding someone to your Facebook Business Manager is very different than making them an admin of their Facebook page. To get all the functions that Facebook advertising offers you need to have a separate account for Facebook Business Manager and connect all your assets of your business to there (your FB page, Instagram account, website, pixel tracking code, etc.).

Make sure that you have:

  • A Facebook Business Manager account (if you don’t have one, you can create it here)
  • A working Ad Account connected to your Business Manager
  • Payment method set up for Ad Account

How to add people to Facebook Business Manager

Step 1: Login to your Facebook Business Manager

If you don’t have a Business Manager account yet just follow the steps and create one.

Step 2: Go to business Settings tab

Facebook Business Manager settings

When you are logged in navigate to the settings tab and locate Business settings.

Step 3: Add people to your Business Manager

Adding people to Facebook Business Manager

When you are in setting go to the People tab under Users on the left and click the blue Add button on the top-right

Step 4: Enter email address

Enetering email to access Facebook Business Manager

Add the email of the person that will manage your Facebook advertising, typically this is the one that you are in contact with.

Make sure:

  • That you type their email correctly without spelling mistakes
  • That you give them admin access

Why is admin access the best option most of the time? If a client doesn’t have his Business Manager set up correctly we can’t start advertising right away and need to adjust every aspect of their account so that ads run smoothly.

This may include:

  • Ad account setup
  • Pixel setup
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Domain verification
  • Aggregated events setup

Normally clients struggle to set up all of this themselves so they add us as admins and we take care of this for them.

Step 5: Assign access to your FB page

Assigning acces to Facebook page

Select the Facebook page of your business and click the toggle of Manage page.

Step 6: Assign access your Ad Account

What is Ad Account:
Ad Account is what you use to run ads, all campaigns and ads you do are tied to it. It is also used to manage your payment method for ad spend.

Assigning acces to Ad Account

On the left select Ad Accounts, if you have multiple select the one that you want to share and toggle Manage ad account.

Step 7: Assign access your Pixel

What is Pixel:
Pixel is a snippet of code that Facebook uses to track conversions and events on your website. A working pixel without any problems is crucial for ads to run well and report accurately.

Assigning acces to Facebook Pixel

Select Pixel on the left, if you have more select the one that you know works and toggle Manage pixel on the right.

Once you completed all three steps, click the blue invite button on the bottom-right corner and you are done.

If you have any problems make sure to let us know!

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