How to create a Google Ads account and add users

May 25, 2021

Before you begin:

We are going to show you how to create a brand new Google Ads account and how to add users. Make sure that you check if you already have an existing working Google Ads account.

If you already own Google Ads account just skip to step 7 and start from there.

How to create a Google Ads account

Step 1: Go to official Google Ads page

Go to: and click the start now button.

Google Ads account start now button

Step 2: Create new Google Ads account

New Google Ads account

Step 3: Switch to expert mode to continue

You must switch to Expert Mode so you can access all information right away.

Google Ads account creation process

Step 4: Create account without a campaign

Make sure that you Create an account without a campaign, that way you save time and get straight to adding users to your account.

Google Ads account creation process without campaign

Step 5: Add business information

Select your billing country, time zone, currency and click submit to get to the next step.

Google Ads account creation process business info

Step 6: Login to your account

You have created your Google Ads account successfully! Click Explore your account so you can add users to it.

Completing Google Ads account creation process

How to add users to your Google Ads account

Now that we have our account set up, we just need to follow the next few steps to add users.

Step 7: Go to Access and security tab

Now that you are logged in to your account find the top toolbar and click Tools & Settings. That should open all the settings, locate the Access and Security tab and click on it.

Google Ads tools and settings

Step 8: Add new account

When a new page opens up, click on the blue plus button to enter user details.

Google Ads adding users

Step 9: Add email and send intivation

  • Add an email of the person you are in contact with – make sure that the email address doesn’t contain any typos.
  • Typically you will need to add admin permissions
  • Click Send invitation

You are done! If you have any problems make sure to let us know.

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